Loins In Corbett


Hi folks, Last Sunday four of you walked into my house. Over the next few hours, you did the incredible – laid out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relive the best days of our life while we still can, in a place that is permanently stored in the minds of every Centralian from adolescence.

Shailendra, Sharat, Vivek and Kishore followed up on the idea of a go-away get-together for the Batch of 80, and came up with an amazing plan at that treasure-trove of memories – Corbett!

Two of them went down there over the weekend, checked out locations and facilities, created a format and negotiated rates, to come back with specific choices.

Then, over two bottles of whisky we froze on a plan and a place, to finally have the deal: a trip to Corbett with all the Mastiff and daaru and khaana peena.

One-night or two-night options, at 7500/- a night per head, for the stay, food and booze. Safari packages are being worked out and the to & fro travel will depend on needs and choices.

What’s the best news? We have 28 confirmations already and 12 of them have paid a 5k advance!!!

It was crazy, we called Markat in Australia and he went out to book a ticket. Tarun already has one leg here (don’t ask which one). Anjali was in New York and confirmed immediately. Of all the people, we called George Abraham and he’s confirmed and booked his tickets. Avinash is waiting for his wife to fall asleep so he can book tickets and Vasant is already here in spirit…so on, and these are just the international guys.

What about you? Take my word, this won’t happen again. There’s no end to the amount of fun we can have and I assure you, you’ll relive 1975-1980 in every detail except for the pimples and the pains.

Pingback, say yes, start dreaming. We’re filling up fast!!!

Dates are 21st October early morning departure and option for 22nd or 23rd return, ex-Delhi. Oh, btw blue shirt + white pants/ navy blue shorts mandatory

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